Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where is Everyone Going? Changing your Website to Reduce your Bounce Rate

As the quest for instant gratification in search increases, the time it takes for a visitor to make a decision to stay with or leave a site has been reduced to just a few seconds. If the perusal of your landing page doesn’t immediately convey some sort of relevance to the search term which is delivering your visitors, they will bounce off your site, costing you the opportunity to turn them into a buying customer. If your site analytics are showing a high percentage of bounces within seconds, it’s time to make some changes. Here are a few to consider:

* Make sure your landing page immediately shows its relevance to the search term that’s driving visitors to your site. If people are arriving using a search term like “best plasma tv” be sure that the first thing they see on arrival is content related to plasma TV’s.

* Build your landing page so that it has relevance to the search term from top to bottom. This will serve to keep them on the site and increase the likelihood of conversion.  .

* Write your content for your visitors, not the search engines. Providing content that adds value for your visitors will keep them around as well. You do need to optimize page content for the search engines but be sure to balance your content so that your readers get value and the search engines see relevance..

* Start optimizing longer search terms. Using more specific search terms will deliver traffic that is looking for you information and your products.

* Keep your content fresh. Having new content makes your site feel dynamic and will encourage visitors not only to stay around but to return as well.

* Simplify your navigation.  Make navigation clear and simple so that your visitors can get around your site easily. 

Making these changes on your site can make the difference between keeping visitors on your site to purchase your offerings and having them bounce over to your competitors’ sites. The Gervais Group specializes in delivering a great visitor experience for those arriving at your site which can lead to higher conversion rates. For more information, visit or call (866) 530 7703.

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